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21st Century Partial Denture Design & Fabrication: A Principle-Centered Approach to Restorative Dentistry

Course Details: the critical factor of a successful restorative practice is knowing how to solve your patients’ problems. a principle-centered approach to the removable partial patient will be presented. you will learn diagnosis, treatment planning, treatment sequencing, and completion in the context of the fixed and removable patient.


June 21-22, 2019

8:00 am - 5:00 pm

Cassidy dental associates conference facility


Course attendees will learn:

  • Diagnosis, treatment planning, and treatment sequencing

  • the significance of a diagnostic wax-up in the fixed/removable case

  • an overview of the ten principles of partial denture design

  • how to fabricate partial dentures that really work

  • the steps required to manage free-end saddle partial dentures

  • the essential requirements to ensure predictable results in complex combination cases

  • altering the vertical dimension of occlusion in fixed/removable cases (how & when)

  • the role of anterior teeth in the masticatory system

  • the “3 r’s” of removable prosthetics: relines, remounts, and repairs

  • the importance and role of centric relation in complex fixed/removable cases

  • centric bite recording techniques in teh removable patient

  • the use of transfer bases to achieve a predictable jaw relation record

  • understanding the difference between vertical dimension of speech and vertical dimension of occlusion

  • how to determine the “s” position and record it using a facebow and articulator

  • the use of duplicate dentures and clear duplicate dentures

  • how to add metal occlusals to dentures to preserve the final occlusion

  • how to fabricate triad gel dies in the process of acquiring a pickup impression

  • fabrication of a crown under an existing partial denture (the hardest job in dentistry)

  • the technique for treatment plan presentation and the use of the awareness curve to determine a patient’s willingness to accept diagnosed treatment


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